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Social Capital as a Service

Sway Protocol introduces a web3 proxy for social capital, helping NFT projects and individual wallets establish trust, reputation and goodwill through staking and rewards distribution.

Proxy Staking Pools (PSP)

Sway Protocol enables users to deploy proxy staking pools for their wallets that are holding NFT assets.

Other participants can stake tokens in these pools in order to earn rewards from the paired wallet's NFT sales and royalties. Consequently, with adding value to the pool they contribute in establishing social capital for the wallet holder.

Proxy stakingProxy staking

The Web 2.0 and its applications were built around an information read-write principle where this value remains locked in with the service provider.

Web3 offers an alternative by enabling democratization of value transfer, introducing a ‘Shareconomy’ model that resets the economic principles of social capital.

Web 2.0






Staking participants



NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplaces

Replace “Like” with “Stake” and put your native token to work

Introducing PSPs to each user profile and allowing other users to stake with them.

This brings in an additional reputation layer, allows stakers to get a piece of the NFT revenue, and provides a new utility for the native token of the marketplace.

NFT Collections

NFT Collections

Establish trust and reward your earliest community

The success of NFT collection drops is closely tied to the health of the community supporting it from the get-go.

A PSP paired with the main NFT minting contract would act as a "social underwriting" mechanism to establish the reputation of the collection.



Reputation in a decentralized, permissionless environment

In an open metaverse, every element, including game items, avatars, collectibles, land titles, etc. would be represented with an NFT.

A reputation and trust layer will help filter out the good players from bad ones and help towards sustaining a healthy meta economy.

Seamless Integration

Deploying a proxy staking pool is quick and simple, and comes with a comprehensive SDK dev toolkit that will get you up and running in no-time.

Seamless IntegrationSeamless Integration mobile

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